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The Tiger line plastic suits disc golfers of all levels, but at a cheaper price, it is perfect for those just getting into the sport.
The three discs in our starter pack are all made with the Tiger line plastic.

The Phoenix line is made with advanced materials. It has strong durability, transparent appearance, and offers a precise playing experience. The Phoenix line is best suited to the intermediate to advanced player.

The Dragon line is made of our highest quality material. It is very durable with a metal coloured appearance. The Dragon line provides a precise flying track and high stability for the advanced player.

The Tortoise line plastic is used for our overmold discs. These discs are constructed of two different plastics. The rim has a higher density plastic in order to provide them with a larger rotational inertia than the traditional discs. Tortoise line discs are designed to fly straighter and more accurate.

Proud partners of the Australian Ultimate League, and approved by both the PDGA and WFDF.